President Francois Hollande invited his Mauritanian counterpart, Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, to the Elysee palace in April 12 to renew contact with a country quietly irritated by France in the region.

The Head of State confirmed the will of France to support the regional projects carried by the countries of G5 Sahel in terms of development and security but also in renewables, creating infrastructures, promoting economy and human development. Renewable projects in Mauritania wasamong many different topics the two presidents discussed

For many years, Mauritania has been involved in the promotion and use of Renewable Energies throughout the country. Many innovative projects – mainly based on wind and photovoltaic energies – have already been set up in order to be multiplied and developed on a larger scale.

In Mauritania – where energy is a complex issue – producing electricity from renewable energy is not only obvious and eco-responsible but also an economic decision. Sun and wind are widely available resources there, and they are already today economically viable and profitable solutions.

In that context, François Hollande mentioned the Kiffa Hybrid Power Plant which is under process and will be achieved next autumn. This project, carried out by VERGNET and ABC DIESEL, is the first of its kind in this West African sub-region, it integrates Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) of a 1.3 MWp solar PV plant along with a 5 MW thermal (LFO/HFO) plant.

VERGNET’s established track-record and experience in providing renewable energy solutions in West Africa includes Nouadhibou wind farm in Mauritania. A total of sixteen VERGNET GEV MP-C 275kW wind turbines were installed along with VERGNET’s patented Hybrid Wizard™. This allowed optimisation of wind power production with existing diesel power production to maximise fuel savings.

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