With the historic signing of the Paris COP21 agreement last year, we are moving into a new generation of clean renewable energy, and renewable energy companies are having an increased role to play across the globe and it is important we mustn’t lose sight of basic but vital project management.

Increased investments in research and development as well as intensified advocacy has immensely lowered the cost of technologies (turbines, solar panels, batteries, etc). In this race for lower costs, project management has taken a back seat as renewable energy companies face pressures to take short cuts during project management in order to offer maximum return on investments for renewables infrastructure.

John Okoro, Vergnet’s Team Leader in Global Mining and Metals, recently attended the PMI EMEA Global Congress in Barcelona and discussed with delegates his opinion and expertise on a proactive approach to the management of projects, tailoring each method to the environmental and technical constraints of each site to deliver projects on time, on budget and to each customer’s specifications.

Vergnet has worked across several countries and cultures, with many stakeholders, to adapt innovative projects, such as our wind farm in Ashegoda, the largest in sub Saharan Africa, to smaller projects and complex Hybrid developments. As renewable energy projects involve several complex phases, Vergnet would advocate for considered, innovative, tailored management solutions to deliver the best results for each site.

Many of our projects around the world benefit from a combination of different energy technologies and Vergnet has extensive knowledge in working with customers to plan a renewable energy project from the start to ongoing maintenance, and to define the specific needs of the project.

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