The Kiffa Hybrid Power Plant is the first of its kind in West African subregion; it is designed as the sole power plant on Kiffa isolated electrical grid. Kiffa is the third most important town in Mauritania. The project, issued by SOMELEC, consists in the Engineering, Procurement and Construction of a 1.3MWp solar PV plant along with a 5MW thermal (LFO/HFO) plant.

To achieve this innovative project, VERGNET (pool leader) entered a partnership with ABC DIESEL. The implementation of the project required the expertise and commitment of both companies to deliver highly advanced renewable energy solutions.

ABC DIESEL supplies and installs the thermal plant together with the 33kV substation, while VERGNET is in charge of the whole civil works, the procurement and erection of the solar PV plant.

The hybrid power plant features the Hybrid Wizard real-time controller developed by VERGNET, which ensures a maximum penetration of photovoltaic power on an isolated and low capacity electrical grid. It will supply more than 2,000 MWh of energy, and save 400 tons of fuel per year.

Works on site are going well although the teams have to face a harsh climate in that region. Indeed, it is not unusual to have sand storms and very warm temperatures. Most of the engine room is completed and diesel groups are being installed. In the meantime, foundations are nearly finished, assembly of half PV structures and panels has been completed.

VERGNET’s established track-record and experience in providing renewable energy solutions in West Africa includes Nouadhibou wind farm in Mauritania. A total of sixteen VERGNET GEV MP-C 275kW wind turbines were installed along with VERGNET’s patented Hybrid Wizard™. This allowed optimisation of wind power production with existing diesel power production to maximise fuel savings.

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