The island of Samoa, Polynesia, holds enough renewable energy potential to meet nearly 100% of its electricity demand, according to a new study conducted by IRENA.

The report, focusing on hydro, solar and wind power, finds that a significant increase in renewable energy capacity is possible and could generate 93% of the power on the island.

In addition, IRENA highlighted that new measures could be integrated into the existing power system, relying on a steady water supply. Currently, 20% of the island is powered by renewable energy solutions but there is room to further reduce Samoa’s dependency on costly fossil fuels.

Vergnet welcomes the new statistics on Samoa’s renewable energy usage.   The first wind farm commissioned in the Independent State of Samoa, includes two Vergnet GEV MP Wind turbines. The wind turbines supply 1,500 MWh of power per year and benefit Samoa’s population by delivering $475,000 (U.S.) in annual fuel savings along with dioxide savings of 1000 tonnes annually.

Samoa is part of the Small Island Developing States (SIDS) low-lying coastal countries that tend to share similar sustainable development challenges, including small but growing populations and limited resources. Challenges also include remoteness, susceptibility to natural disasters, vulnerability to external shocks, and fragile environments. Renewable technologies have the advantage of providing energy at a lower cost than fossil fuels and making SIDS more sustainable.

With a strong focus on design, manufacturing and engineering innovation, Vergnet provides adaptable renewable solutions that are highly customised to both the local environment and the specific needs of each project.   The wind farm in Samoa utilises Vergnet’s patented Hybrid Wizard™ technology to provide cheaper electricity and security of supply for the local population. The first self-adaptive hybrid controller maximises the penetration of wind resources in real time to develop a reliable source of power.   As a global renewable energy solutions provider, Vergnet adapted a renewable energy solution that helps to reduce and secure energy costs for people, communities, businesses and economies like Samoa.

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