Renewable UK reports that a total of 2,237 small and medium wind turbines were installed in the UK last year, pushing the region forward as a global leader in wind power production.

Following the record-breaking wind power statistics reached in the UK last month, the report from Renewable UK emphasised the strong positive growth of the market. According to the report, the installation of 2,237 new turbines in 2014 helped contribute to a saving of 168,257 tonnes of carbon dioxide and provided 3,500 jobs across the UK.

The total number of turbines in the UK has now reached 27,819. This significant figure demonstrates the real potential of the UK wind energy market and its increasingly positive impact on the country’s economy.

At Vergnet, our medium wind energy turbines continue to play a part in the expanding UK market. Within a short five year period, we have installed a total of 28 turbines on farms throughout the UK and opened up a dedicated full O&M Service.

Vergnet’s outlook in the UK for 2015 is positive as we continue to increase our presence throughout, with many local projects in the pipeline and plans to officially open a new subsidiary in Spring.