Today, Vergnet’s Business Developer Africa, Tomaso Charlemont, presented at Solarplaza’s 6th annual Solar Finance Solutions Africa in Johannesburg, the event dedicated to financing solar and energy storage in the C&I segment.

Tomaso’s presentation outlined, “How renewables can reduce the LCOE for utilities and industrial users,” based on Vergnet’s expertise and projects in Africa and around the world. Tomaso discussed with delegate attendees hybridizing renewables with conventional power generation, using energy storage if/when required, as a very efficient way of reducing energy costs. Vergnet has developed solutions that allow modelling project financials beforehand: this includes analysis of CAPEX, OPEX, TCO, NPV, LCOE, ROI and IRR based on the RE Average Penetration Ratio, not just for the renewable energy installation but also for the overall project. The modelling provides information on the savings on fuel, maintenance costs as well as the expected reduction in Co2 emission for the conventional power plant.

The conference, attended by over 120 professionals from 16 countries, focused on capital as the last hurdle to leverage the potential of solar energy and energy storage. It presented a great opportunity to discuss the future of solar energy with key players such as bankers, lenders, investors, project developers and solutions providers like Vergnet. As part of the event, Tomaso participated in networking workshops and meeting delegates with a mutual interest in discussing solar and wind potential in Africa for Commercial and Industrial users.

Vergnet, as a leading global renewable energy solutions provider, is delighted with our representation at the conference and to be able to share how we can help to lower costs and produce affordable clean energy that meet low carbon requirements.

Vergnet’s experience includes the recently commissioned Tarawa Solar Wind Farm in the Republic of Kiribati, consisting in the construction of a 500kWp PV park in a low capacity grid, and its integration with the main thermal power plant on the island allowing full interaction through Hybrid Wizard™, Vergnet’s patented real-time, self-adaptive hybrid controller.

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