Vergnet recently commissioned the modernisation of The Petite Place wind farm, originally installed in 1997, to deliver a higher amount of energy in the Guadeloupe Region for its key customer Eole Marie Galante.

Due to the adaptability of its technology to suit the cyclonic conditions of the site, Vergnet was again chosen as the wind energy provider to update the Petite Place wind farm. For the past 20 years, Vergnet has been the partner of choice for the Guadeloupe Region, the electrical local authorities and Quadran.

With over 25 years’ experience in delivering projects within isolated environments with extreme climatic conditions and limited electricity infrastructure, Vergnet was able to assess the site in light of new developments and adapt project specifications to meet the new requirements of the site. The wind farm consists of nine Vergnet GEV MP wind turbines delivering 2,475 MW, bringing a total of 30 MW of wind power generated in the Guadeloupe region.

With a strong focus on design, manufacturing and engineering innovation, Vergnet provides adaptable renewable solutions that are highly customised to both the local environment and tailored to needs of the local electrical authorities.

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