Today marks the International World Water Day, a UN-Water initiative focusing on the importance of clean water and advocating the sustainable management of freshwater resources.

The campaign encourages people to learn more about water related issues and to take action to make a difference where it is needed.

Vergnet’s subsidiary PHOTALIA, specialises in photovoltaic (PV) powered water pumping solutions delivering clean water in remotes locations to assist communities in day-to-day household, farming or agricultural activities. With over 438 water pumps across Africa, PHOTALIA is constantly developing innovative technologies to supply water sustainably and at the lowest cost.

PHOTALIA’s patented Universal Pumping Inverter (UPI) is specifically designed to efficiently utilise solar energy for direct-drive water pumping systems in remote sites: it converts and feeds energy collected by the PV array to submersible borehole water pumps. These systems fulfil basic needs, withstanding the harshest conditions and constraints in isolated locations and provide freshwater that would otherwise be too difficult and costly to transport.

Vergnet’s subsidiary is currently working on a large project in Niger where over 270,000 people – almost 2% of Niger’s population – will benefit from 128 PV powered pumping systems making it the largest solar water-pumping project to date in West Africa.

Likewise, with the help of PHOTALIA the Government of The Republic of Mali, West Africa, already implemented a Programme for The Mobilisation of Water Resources optimising technology to meet the essential needs of the population and reliably supply freshwater.

PHOTALIA is also working with the Minister for Environment in Gambia, West Africa, installing 18 solar pumping stations for the country’s Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project. Previously PHOTALIA already supplied 10 similar systems for Gambia’s LHDP – Livestock Horticulture Development Project.

The list of references is growing. Find out more about our solar pumping solutions on our website and read our case studies to learn about VERGNET’s renewable energy solutions in operation throughout the world.

PHOTALIA also offers a range of electro-chlorination kits, E’CHLO, adapted to the different needs and constraints of developing countries.

PHOTALIA’s patented solar direct drive electro-chlorination system produces locally a chlorine solution (sodium hypochlorite NaClO) which can treat the water, or can be used as “Dakin” style disinfectant. Chlorine production based on the conversion of salt water by electrolysis using solar energy has many advantages. The systems are delivered in kits, packed with all the components necessary for installation and use.