The popularity of solar PV is set to increase over the next ten years as prices become more competitive with grid electricity across the world.

According to the latest report from research firm, GlobalData, Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Market Update 2016, the cumulative global installed capacity of solar PV is to continue its long-term growth from 271.4 GW in 2016 to a significant 756.1 GW by 2025.

Vergnet’s track record spans 25 years and includes successful renewable energy installations with solar solutions such as the Tarawa solar hybrid farm in the Republic of Kiribati, Central Pacific Island.

The Tarawa Solar plant supplies 855 MWh of energy on Tarawa, saving 227,000 litres of diesel per year. The solar plant utilises Hybrid Wizard™, the real-time controller developed by Vergnet, to ensure a smooth integration of photovoltaic power on the electrical grid.

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