COVID 19 : Vergnet is acting in Ethiopia

Vergnet joined the programme initiated by the Embassy of France in Ethiopia, the Ethiopian Ministry of health and the Ethiopian NGO MCMDO (Mothers & Children multisectorial development organization)

This initiative includes a first group of beneficiaries, estimated at 2500 persons, through several actions :

  • 400 hygiene kits, including safety masks, hydro alcoholic solutions, soaps, are presently being distributed to vulnerable families.
  • Protection kits will be delivered to 445 health member of staff distributed over 3 health centers.
  • 30 hand washing plots with clean water and soap available will be installed
  • One campaign on COVID-19 protection and mask wearing awareness, will be conducted by MCMDO, in compliance with official messages displayed by the Ethiopian Ministry of health and the Ethiopian public health Institute (EPHI).

Other intiatives of this kind will be organized during the coming months in other urban zones, as a participation to the national fight against the COVID-19.

VERGNET has been active in Ethiopia since 2010 through the construction of the 120 mW Ashegoda wind farm.  Its know how in renewable energy, and the long experience of its Ethiopian team of engineers have been recognized for years now.

Therefore, naturally, Vergnet will contribute to this programme through the electrification of one health dispensary in a rural area, treating patients affected by COVID 19. Vergnet will deliver and install a solar equipment with energy storage, able to supply power 24 hours a day.

Installation will take place shortly
To be continued !

hygiene kits being distributed

protection kits will be given to healthcare staff

hand washing plots will be installed

awareness campaign will be conducted by MCMDO