• Vergnet Global Director of Sales, Marc Rivard, was interviewed on CNBC on Wednesday 31st August 2016.
  • He discussed the benefits and challenges of renewable energy in East Africa, Vergnet’s Ashegoda wind farm and hybrid technology.
  • Vergnet’s Ashegoda wind farm in Ethiopia is the biggest in Sub-Saharan Africa, providing power to over 3 million people.

Vergnet Global Director of Sales, Marc Rivard, featured on CNBC Africa discussing renewable energy in East Africa on Wednesday 31st August 2016.

Marc described how the Ethiopian landscape and climate was suited to wind farms and how wind farms offer substantial financial savings for companies and countries across Africa.

Discussion then moved to Vergnet’s Ashegoda wind farm in Ethiopia; the largest wind farm in Sub-Saharan Africa, which contains 30 Vergnet GEV HP 1MW turbines, 54 Alstom Eco 74 turbines of 1.67 MW and a GE-Grid substation connected to the national grid (230 KV/130 MVA).

This wind farm produces 120MW of power and supplies electricity to more than 3 million Ethiopians.

Marc also discussed hybrid solutions and how they are particularly important in African countries due to weak grid integration.

Vergnet’s patented hybrid solution, Hybrid Wizard™, was the first to maximise renewable energy penetration with real time grid power quality feedback. Any combination of wind, photovoltaic solar and battery storage, for new and existing diesel systems is possible.

The hybrid energy software achieves lower fuel consumption, lower cost per kWh and short payback time while also ensuring consistent grid stability and power quality. Hybrid Wizard™ delivers impressive electricity and cost savings – typically ranging from 25%-30% (without storage) to more than 70% in very remote locations with high diesel prices.

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