According to research by Wind Power Intelligence, Europe was the top region for wind turbine deals in February 2016, accounting for 80% of the total agreed capacity.

A total capacity of 1,926 MW worth of turbine deals was agreed in Europe during February. This capacity figure is 445 MW more than the total global figure for turbine deals made overall during January of this year.

As a leading global renewable energy solutions provider based in France, Vergnet welcomes the strong statistics of future wind generation in Europe. With the historic signing of the Paris COP21 agreement, it is positive to see steps being taken to produce clean energy through renewable solutions.

Vergnet has installed over 900 medium scale wind turbines worldwide. Available from 200 to 275kW, the GEV MP C and GEV MP R wind turbines are among the very best performing in the medium wind sector, with strong production yields delivering high return on investment.

Vergnet’s European wind turbine projects include assisting Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese Farm in introducing renewable power onto the farm and have the smallest negative impact on the environment. The Vergnet GEV MP R 275kW wind turbine generates enough electricity to meet the needs of the farm and sell back to the local grid, providing a high return on investment. Vergnet has also installed turbines across the UK, Italy, Northern Ireland and Lithuania amounting to 17.1 MW of power in total.

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