As part of her trip to encourage and advance renewable energy projects in Africa, Ségolène Royal, the French Minister of Energy, Environmental and Sustainable Development, visited Vergnet’s Ashegoda Wind Farm, Ethiopia last week, the biggest wind farm in sub-Saharan Africa.

Minister Royal was warmly welcomed by the Vergnet Ashegoda Operations and Maintenance team, along with the Ambassador of France in Ethiopia, Mrs Brigitte Collet.

The team guided the Minister and the Ambassador on a tour of which benefits over 3 million people in the region through renewable solutions producing 120 MW. They were also given a presentation on the vital training completed on site, including safety and rescue, and also an outline of Vergnet’s activities on the Asheogda wind farm and across Africa.

As a key player in the Paris COP21 agreement reached by 195 nations to combat climate change in December, Ségolène Royal travelled to Africa to promote the advancement of renewable energy across the continent.

The Minister commented, “Africa suffers from climate change including drought, soil degradation, salinisation of land, coastal erosion, deforestation, climate migration. Africa is not responsible for these disasters, but it suffers. Climate justice therefore requires a determined and effective implementation of the action decided by the summit of African leaders at the COP21.”

As part of their visit, the Minister and the French ambassador of Ethiopia were presented with scarves and caps in recognition of their tour of the site. They met with the team of over 35 French and Ethiopian employees working to maintain electricity generation in the area. The Minister also met with the President of Egypt, Al Sissi, and the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Hailemariam Desalegn, on her tour of Africa to discuss combatting climate change across the continent.

Recognising the importance of delivering clean power in Africa, Vergnet was delighted to welcome the Minister to the site and showcase first-hand the power of renewable energy to tackle energy challenges faced in sub-Saharan Africa, including isolation and extreme climatic conditions.

As a leading global renewable energy solutions provider, Vergnet has enabled the delivery of essential services to many developing countries. Vergnet was chosen as the wind energy provider for this project due to the adaptability of its technology to suit the conditions of the Ethiopian countryside.

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