Recently, Vergnet was delighted to officially inaugurate the Cotal wind turbine project, the first wind turbine installed in Guam, located in the north-western Pacific Ocean.

The GEV MP wind turbine was installed in the region of Yona and provides electricity throughout the island of Guam. With a wind speed of 6.6 m/s, the GEV MP-C wind turbine generates enough energy to power the average consumption of 50 homes in the island.

The main contractor selected by Guam Power Authority (GPA) chose the Vergnet technology for its reliability and adaptation to the site conditions.

The project was inaugurated in the presence of Honourable Ray Tenorio, Lt Governor of Guam and John M. Benavente, General Manager of GPA, along with a representative from the Consolidated Commission on Utilities, Chairman Joseph T. Duenas and Harry Blanco, Field Representative from the Office of Interior Affairs, US Department of Interior.

Vergnet also provided a complete training program to the local teams at GPA in charge of the Operations and Maintenance of the turbine.

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