The GEV HP 1 MW that was installed by Vergnet and the general contractor PNE Corp at the AUTEC US Navy base in the Bahamas has been commissioned in February 2014 and has started producing electricity. On this video you can witness in real time the unique erection process of this turbine:

Commissioning and run tests were successfully completed, and the turbine is now injecting electricity on the local mini-grid which runs two to five 1MW diesel generators.

Training of the O&M contractor is to take place, and for the time being Vergnet, PNE and AUTEC are handling the maintenance of the turbine during this ramp-up period.

One of the very important next steps to come is a fully automated integration of the wind turbine on the existing diesel grid, and Vergnet has offered its services for implementing its smart Hybrid Wizard TM  system, its newly released real-time hybrid controller.

Hybrid Wizard TM is a self-adaptative hybrid controller that guarantees grid stability and power quality through real time optimization of the renewable energy injection. Primary load is monitored in real time, secondary load, wind energy and fossil fuel productions are permanently adjusted to guarantee a perfect grid operation and maximize savings.   Please check Vergnet web page for more information on this unique system.

Vergnet is continuously expanding its products portfolio to offer to its partners the most reliable green energy!