From 6th to 9th February, VERGNET will attend the INVESTING IN AFRICA MINING INDABA Conference in Cape Town. MINING INDABA is the largest professional conference in Africa dedicated to the capitalisation and development of mining interests on the continent.

The theme for this year’s event is “Leveraging the next wave of growth: How can you invest in African mining to make long-term profits?” Discussions will centre on examining the signs of a rebound in the mining sector, especially in commodities like gold and battery metals. Governments, investors and mining companies will be focused on developing strategies to invest in African Mining beyond the current mining cycle. Over 7,000 professionals from mining companies, investment firms, governments, and providers of mining and professional services will be represented.

With energy accounting for 20 to 40% of operational costs in the mining sector, it will represent a key topic for discussion at the event.  John Okoro, Vergnet’s Team Leader in Global Mining and Metals, will attend the four day conference and meet with delegates from across the globe to discuss bespoke renewable energy solutions for mining industry clients around the world.

VERGNET works with mining companies across the globe to understand key challenges, including on-site power, to develop solutions that guarantee grid stability, reduce energy costs and improve sustainability of the mines.

VERGNET’s track record spans 25 years and includes successful renewable energy installations within the mining industry including a zinc mine in El Toqui, Chile, South America with Seawind and a National Mining and Industrial Company (SNIM) iron mine in Nouadhibou, Mauritania, West Africa.

Find out more about our solar applications, wind energy solutions, and hybrid energy solutions or read our case studies to learn about our renewable solutions in action throughout the world.

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