Vergnet recently attended the PMI EMEA Global Congress in Barcelona, organised by the Project Management Institute, along with hundreds of delegates from 72 countries to share trends, best practises and new ideas to help advance the practise and profession of project, programme, and portfolio management.

In today’s complex and volatile environment, organisational success is dependent on the proper alignment and integration of projects and programmes with larger strategic objectives. As a result, project and programme leaders are now operating as the catalyst – driving implementations and innovations that directly impact performance and competitive advantage.

This years’ theme focused on ‘Accelerating Progress, Improving Performance’ and saw a packed programme of seminars, education sessions and inspiring keynote speeches exploring how global challenges and new paradigms have prompted project leaders to adapt and grow new skills to stay competitive.

John Okoro, Vergnet’s Team Leader in Global Mining and Metals, attended the three day conference and met with delegates from across the globe to discuss Vergnet’s experience in project management in delivering renewable energy solutions around the world, particularly within the mining industry. John was invited by the PMI press team to share some experiences working in the renewable energy sector. “Heavy industries, like the mining sector, adopt a portfolio approach to delivering projects. Projects must align with necessary quality metrics, and global best practices. It is not enough to deliver a Hybrid Power plant for a mine, is also important that this additional infrastructure aligns with business as usual by ensuring that adequate training, and post project support are delivered in order to have a seamless transition”.

Vergnet works with mining companies across the globe to understand key challenges, including on-site power, to develop solutions that guarantee grid stability, reduce energy costs and improve sustainability of the mines.

Vergnet’s track record spans 25 years and includes successful renewable energy installations within the mining industry including a zinc mine in El Toqui, Chile, South America with Seawind and a National Mining and Industrial Company (SNIM) iron mine in Nouadhibou, Mauritania, West Africa.

Find out more about our solar applications, wind energy solutions, and hybrid energy solutions or read our case studies to learn about our renewable solutions in action throughout the world.

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