Vergnet Launches ‘Hybrid Wizard’ at EWEA 2014

First-Of-Its-Kind Hybrid Solution Enables Real-Time Maximisation of

Renewable Energy and Diesel Systems

Cheaper Electricity and Security of Supply for Remote or Island Locations 

This week, Hybrid Wizard was launched at the annual European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) event taking place in Barcelona from 10th– 13th March 2014.

Hybrid Wizard is the first hybrid solution to maximize renewable energy penetration, in the form of wind or photovoltaic solar, for existing diesel systems in real time.

The innovative software-based solution guarantees cheaper electricity and security of supply for remote or island locations. Hybrid Wizard has been uniquely designed for extreme weather conditions including marine, salty, dusty, cyclonic, warm and cold environments.

The new product has been developed by Vergnet’s leading design and engineering team with company expertise spanning 20 years in the development of hybrid systems.

Hybrid Wizard features a controller which is the core of the hybrid system. A real-time feedback loop between the controller and all generators enables users to constantly maximize penetration to what the existing electricity grid can accept.

David Sacotte, Sales Director, Vergnet, said, “We are delighted to announce the launch of Hybrid Wizard at EWEA 2014.   It enables those with energy needs in remote locations or islands to maximise the generating capacity of their diesel and renewable energy systems. Users of this innovative product benefit from less fuel consumption, a lower cost per kWh and short payback time.  We have more than 20 years’ experience in developing hybrid system and today’s launch reflects our on-going commitment to creating pioneering renewable energy systems that provide significant energy savings for companies and communities around the world.”

The system benefits from Vergnet’s significant expertise in developing hybrid projects in areas of weak grid integration.  Hybrid Wizard provides users with the ability to constantly monitor grid stability parameters and it comes with a grid stability guarantee.  The product is a self-adaptive system with limited preliminary studies required and allowing for seamless upgrades.

Hybrid Wizard is available in as a packaged or tailored solution and users benefit from long-term support by Vergnet, which has four regional subsidiaries providing operations and maintenance (O&M) and technical assistance to clients and partners worldwide.