Vergnet’s turbine in Aguni in Japan has been installed for Progressive Energy Corporation, a subsidiary of Okinawa Electric Power Company Inc (Okiden). The wind turbine was inaugurated at the end of July.

The Vergnet GEV MP was selected by Okiden to service Aguni Island in the Okinawa archipelago. The turbine is perfectly suited for the project as due to its unique erection process, it can be built in remote areas with difficult access. The GEV MP is also renowned internationally for its ability to function in cyclonic areas. The Okinawa archipelago is frequently exposed to typhoons and tropical storm.

The turbine has been built to reduce the island’s high energy costs and will feed into the local internal grid, which includes a diesel plant. The power provided will supply electricity to the 800 local inhabitants.

The turbine is the fifth Vergnet GEV-MP to be installed in the Okinawa Archipelago. The construction was undertaken by the Okiden team, supported by Vergnet.

1 GEV MP Turbine 1 GEV MP Turbine