•  Vergnet has completed work on a wind project in Filano, Italy.
  • The project consists of one GEV MP C turbine which powers a CLEMATIS factory.
  • This is the first wind turbine project Vergnet has installed in Basilicate and its 29th GEV MP turbine in Italy.

Vergnet has completed work on a wind project in Filano, Italy which provides power to CLEMATIS, an Italian company working in the agri-food sector.

The project consists of one 195kW GEV MP C turbine and powers a CLEMATIS factory which produces a broad range of sauces, creams and dressings.

The project was commissioned in June 2016 and is the first wind turbine Vergnet has installed in Basilicate, and the 29th GEV MP turbine installed in Italy.

CLEMATIS produces 100% of its energy needs via renewable energy solutions through a solar photovoltaic power plant installed back in 2010 and the Vergnet turbine installed this year.

Vergnet has installed its wind solutions in Italy before. The first Italian Vergnet GEV MP C wind turbine was installed at Monaci in Petrizzi, Calabria, at the Southern tip of Italy. It is one of the few of its size, with a total power of 200 kW and a yearly output of 357 MWh, with an availability of 99.17% (in 2014).

With over 25 years’ experience in delivering projects for isolated environments with extreme climatic conditions and limited electricity infrastructure, Vergnet’s experienced engineers adapted the system and the project specifications to meet the site requirements and conditions within a short timeframe.

With a rapid project delivery time, Monaci quickly benefitted from the additional resource of a wind turbine to diversify power supply and contribute clean, renewable energy to the site.

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