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Utility Solutions

Our renewable energy solutions are helping utility companies around the world to lower costs and produce affordable clean energy that meet low carbon requirements.

Integrated renewable solutions enable utility companies to harness the power of nature to secure a reliable energy supply and a steady long-term energy price. Costs and risk associated with the purchase, transport and storage of fossil fuels, such as oil, are avoided and provide significant energy savings with renewable solutions.

25 years’ experience with Electric Utilities worldwide enabled Vergnet to understand the challenges of grid operators. We are skilled in proposing and delivering solutions that maximize energy yield and ensure the safe and optimum integration of renewable energy into the grid.

With highly adaptable wind, solar and hybrid solutions, Vergnet provides utility companies with industry-leading technology for renewable energy power generation.

Our high performance adaptable technology has been designed by our strong R&D engineers and rigorously tested to deliver high performance in environments with extreme climatic conditions including marine, salty, dusty, cyclonic, warm and cold environments.

Much more than a manufacturer, Vergnet is a highly experienced contractor that can take care of everything for long term investment.

Vergnet can help you plan your complete renewable energy project. From site feasibility, technical training of your teams to financial solutions, Vergnet ensures you get the most from your investment in the long term.

Developing reliable, adaptable and affordable solutions that cut energy costs is at the heart of everything we do.

Utility Solutions
Utility Solutions

Our utility solutions track record around the world includes: