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Ethiopia, Sub Saharan Africa

Customer: EEPCo
Wind Turbine: 30 Vergnet GEV HP 1MW turbines
Total power: 120 MW
Commissioned: 2011 and 2013
Operations and Maintenance: Vergnet & EEPCo


Vergnet GEV MP Wind Turbines Deliver Energy and Cost Savings for EEPCo

Ethiopia is a country benefitting from an abundance of wind energy resources in every region. The Ethiopian government recognised the potential for harnessing this natural resource to help maintain economic growth through the energy sector and to become a major regional exporter of energy by diversifying electricity generation.

Located in Ashegoda near Mekelle in the Tigray region, approximately 780 km north of the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, this 120 MW wind farm supplies electricity to more than 3 million Ethiopians. The powerful wind resource allows the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCo), the national electric company, to produce each kWh at low cost (0,06 €/kWh).

Wind Energy Approach – Investing in Wind Energy

Ashegoda wind farm is the biggest wind farm in sub Saharan Africa, consisting of 84 wind turbines including 30 Vergnet GEV HP 1MW turbines, 54 Alstom Eco 74 turbines of 1.67 MW and an GE-Grid substation connected to the national grid (230 KV/130 MVA).

Vergnet was chosen as the wind energy provider for the project, due to the adaptability of its technology to suit the conditions of the Ethiopian countryside. With over 25 years’ experience in delivering projects within isolated environments with extreme climatic conditions and limited electricity infrastructure, Vergnet was able to adapt project specifications to meet the requirements of the site.

As main contractor, Vergnet led the management of the project with the support of the French government and with Alstom as subcontractor. Throughout the four year project, over 1,000 people of 26 different nationalities worked on the construction site and contributed to the electrification of Africa.

Making a Difference at Ashegoda Wind Farm


Ethiopia has made investments in alternatives energy a central pillar of its development plan and hopes to inspire other African countries to follow soon. Africa largest wind farm, the turbines of Ashegoda, are just one symbol of Ethiopia’s commitment to pioneering green energy projects on the continent. Ethiopia aims to supply power to its 91 million people and boost its economy by exporting power to neighbouring countries. The 120 MW Ashegoda wind farm can provide enough energy to power all northern region of Ethiopia.

Fisseha G/Michael

Project Manager, EEPCo

We are very grateful to all who take part in realization of this project. Our special thanks go to the Contractor VERGNET SA and its subcontractors .

Meheret Debebe


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Vergnet is a global renewable energy solutions company with a successful track record in providing high performance, reliable and affordable clean energy solutions for companies around the world.

Advanced renewable solutions, encompassing wind, solar PV and hybrid technology, make Vergnet a recognised partner of choice for mining companies throughout the world.

The company leverages a 25 year heritage in delivering power quality, performance and availability of supply in remote, isolated environments with extreme climatic conditions and limited electricity infrastructure.

With a strong focus on design, manufacturing and engineering innovation, Vergnet provides adaptable renewable solutions that are highly customised to both the local environment and the specific needs of mining companies. Vergnet’s uniquely designed technology is adaptable for grid-connected as well as off-grid operations and has been developed specifically for extreme weather conditions providing reliable, efficient and scalable energy solutions. Vergnet operates in over 40 countries and has 166 employees in 10 offices.

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