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Customer: Simon & Tim Jones, Dairy Farmers
Wind Turbine: Vergnet GEV MP-R 275kW, 32m rotor, 32m hub height
Total power: 275 kW
Commissioned: 2011
Operations and Maintenance: Vergnet UK


Vergnet GEV MP Wind Turbine Delivers Energy and Cost Savings for Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese Farm

Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese Farm is a family-owned business, currently run by brothers Simon and Tim Jones, farming at Ulceby Grange for the last 100 years. In 1992 the business started producing Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese which supplies two tonnes of cheese annually to Jamie Oliver’s chain of Union Jacks restaurants across the UK.

As part of their commitment, the brothers were keen to ensure that the cheese-making process had the smallest negative impact on the environment. A key component of their strategy in this area was to introduce renewable power onto the farm.

As a starting point, Simon and Tim Jones commissioned the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) in Machynlleth, Wales, to undertake a review of the business and to advise on the most appropriate technology to meet its energy needs, and to reduce its £40,000 annual electricity bill.

Wind Energy Approach – Investing in Wind Energy

The Ulceby Grange farmers discovered that a single medium sized wind turbine would be the most efficient and greenest way to generate sufficient electricity for the requirements of the business. It would enable them to generate power for their own use without harming the environment or losing valuable grazing land.

The electricity from the 275kW Vergnet turbine enables Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese to generate enough electricity to meet the needs of the farm and to sell back to the grid, providing a high return on investment.

Making a Difference at Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese Farm


It is amazing to be milking cows and making cheese using the power of the wind. There is a simple pleasure to be had from having the wind blowing through your hair and knowing that we have the technology on our farm to capture this. With the help of ICE Renewables and Vergnet we are able to use an abundant natural resource to generate our own electricity on the farm and that is hugely exciting. There are businesses, such as ours, who are conscious of the impact farming has on the environment and we now know that every unit of electricity we produce from our wind turbine is coming from a natural resource and not a coal fired power station.

Simon Jones

Lincolnshire Cheese Dairy Farmer

Maintenance ensured locally

The VERGNET UK subsidiary is in charge of the operation and maintenance services for Vergnet wind turbines around the UK, including the Lincolnshire wind turbine.

Reliable Renewables

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